Part D Prescription Drug Plan Info For 2020

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It’s October! That means it’s Medicare Time!

The Annual Enrollment Period is just around the corner. Did you receive your “Annual Notice of Changes (ANOC)” for your Medicare Advantage Plan or Prescription Drug Plan?

If not….contact your plan and request the ANOC.

Today……I want to talk with you about Part D Prescription Drug Coverage for 2020!

Medicare has set the maximum Part D Deductible for 2020 at $435.00.

Medicare Advantage Plans and Stand-Alone Prescription Drug Plans have the option to charge the maximum deductible amount of $435.00……


They can eliminate the Deductible altogether….


They can charge an amount in between.

You MUST do your “Due Dilligence” in determining which Prescription Drug Plan will fit your unique needs for 2020.

Contact your Medicare Specialist and request their assistance in finding a Prescription Drug Plan for 2020.

If you have a question about Medicare or your Prescription Drug Plan….

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The “initial coverage period (ICP)” for Part D, has a threshold of $4,020.00

When you hand in a prescription, the total amount of the prescription is applied towards the ICP.

If you have a Deductible, that is applied towards the ICP too.

When the total amount of your prescriptions reaches $4,020.00….. you will now enter a new phase called the “coverage gap.”

In this stage…. you will now pay 25% of generic drugs….

and you will pay 25% of brand name drugs.

If you reach $5,018.75 you will enter the next stage, which is called….

The “Catastrophic Stage.”

In the Catastrophic Stage, you will now pay a 5% co-insurance or $3.60 for Generic Drugs….. or….

$8.95 for Brand or non-preferred Drugs….

which ever is a greater amount.

You will remain in the Catastrophic Stage until your out-of-pocket spending reaches $6,350 or…..

when the ball drops on New Year’s Eve!

I know prescription drugs can be very expensive!

There are programs available for those of you with lower incomes.

The program is called “Extra Help,” or “Low Income Subsidy.”

To apply for Extra Help, go to the social security website –

If your individual income is less than $1,562 a month, you would qualify for the LIS program.

If your income is more than $1,562 a month, but is less than $1,900 a month….APPLY!

You have nothing to lose! All they can say is No!

You can also appy for the “Medicare Savings Program” If you qualify, CMS will pay for your Medicare Part B Premium. Depending on your qualifications, CMS may pay your premium, deductible and co-insurance.

Apply for the Medicare Savings Program here:

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