New Medicare Cards Are Mailing Out Now

Hey Medicare Nation!

Do you know what “Drop Foot” is?

Foot Drop is a weakness or paralysis of the muscles involved in lifting the front part of the foot necessary for walking.

It causes a person to drag the foot and toes, or engage in a high-stepping walk called a “steppage gait.”

This increases the risk of falling for individuals.

There are about 70,000 people diagnosed with Food Drop in the State of Florida alone!

I have teamed up with the Freedom to Walk Foundation, to assist them in raising funds for the purchase of WalkAides.

WalkAides are electronic stimulating devices when worn on the calf, sends electric impulses to the affected foot, causing the muscles to contract and lift the foot and leg.

Children and adults are WALKING agian with the help of WalkAides!

The one major problem, is that most medical insurance companies don’t cover WalkAides.

Medicare will only cover WalkAides for those diagnosed with “Incomplete Spinal Cord Injury.”

Those diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis, Cerebal Palsy, stroke, traumatic brain injuries and complete spinal cord injuries, are not covered by most insurance companies.

How can you help?

A WalkAide costs $5,000 to purchase.

A $5.00 or more donation to the Freedom to Walk Foundation will help children and adults purchase WalkAides.

Please be considerate and donate with your heart!

Thank You!

NEW MEDICARE CARDS are being mailed now.

Your New Medicare Cards…….which are now called “Medicare Beneficiary Identifier” or MBI……have started mailing!

  1. People who are enrolling in Medicare for the first time will be among the first in the country to receive the new cards.
  2. Your new card will automatically come to you. You don’t need to do anything as long as your address is up to date. If you need to update your address, visit and sign up for MySocialSecurity Account.
  3. Once you get your new Medicare card, destroy your old Medicare card and start using your new card right away.

Current States Receiving New Medicare Cards

  • Delaware
  • Pennsylvania
  • Virginia
  • Washington D.C.   AND…..
  • West Virginia

Want to know when YOUR card has been mailed?

Go to

Enter your email to receive an email when your new Medicare Card is mailed to you.

What do the New Medicare Cards Look Like?

Across the top of the New Medicare Card will read…..Medicare Health Insurance….in “white” letters inside a blue border. There is also an image of an Eagle in white outline.

Your Name will appear on the next line.

The next line will be the NEW set of Characters.

The New Card will have  “11 Characters – both numbers and letters of the alphabet.

All Letters will be Capitalized and spot # 2, 5, 8 & 9 on your card, will ALWAYS be a Letter of the alphabet.


Finally, you’ll see Your effective date of your Part A of Medicare……..

And you’ll see Your effective date of Part B if you enrolled in Medicare Part B.

Here are things to know about your new Medicare card

  1. Your new card will automatically be mailed to you. You don’t have to do anything as long as your address is up to date.

If you need to update your address, go to  and enroll in a My Social Security Account.

  1. Your Medicare coverage and benefits will stay the same.
  2. Your card may arrive at a different time than your friend’s or neighbor’s. Medicare is mailing over 60 million New Cards. CMS says they will have completed the mailing by April of 2019. We’ll see if that’s true!
  3. Once you get your new Medicare card, destroy your old Medicare card and start using your new card right away.
  4. If you’re in a Medicare Advantage Plan (like an HMO or PPO), your Medicare Advantage Plan ID card is your main card for Medicare—Use your Medicare Advantage Plan ID Card whenever you need care.

And, if you have a separate Medicare precrption drug plan, be sure to keep that ID card as well.

  1. Doctors, other health care providers and facilities know it’s coming and will ask for your new Medicare card when you need care, so carry it with you.
  2. Only give your new Medicare Number to doctors, pharmacists, other health care providers, your insurers, or people you trust to work with Medicare
  3. If you forget your new card, you, your doctor or other health care provider may be able to look up your Medicare Number online.

And….until January 2020, health care providers may use your New Medicare Card or your Social Security number to process claims.


Be Careful!

Scammers are out there  trying to steal your identity!

Medicare will NEVER call you and ask for Personal Information!

The Government can’t even process Medicare Advantage Plan Changes timely…….they certainly don’t have the staff or the time to call Medicare Beneficiaries. So DON”T trust ANYONE who calls and says they are calling you from Medicare.

Your Insurance Agent, Medicare Advisor or a representative from your Medicare Advantage Plan or Medicare Prescription Drug Plan will call you …..WITH YOUR PERMISSION!


If someone calls and says they are calling about your New Medicare card…..



If someone calls and says they are from your Medicare Advantage Plan….

Ask them a few questions to make sure they are legit.

Ask them these questions:


  1. How much is my current premium for my Medicare Plan?

If they are from your Medicare Insurance Plan….they should know the answer!


  1. Ask them who your Primary Doctor is.

Again……they should have that information documented.


  1. Finally……if you are still unsure of who you are talking to…..HANG UP!

Call the customer service number on the back of your Medicare Insurance Plan card and when a representative answers……ask them if they just contacted you.


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