COVID19 Update: Testing, Phone Numbers & 50 State Status

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It’s April 1st and over One Million People have been diagnosed with the COVID-19 Virus Worldwide!

In this week’s episode, I provide a time-line of the events of the Pandemic as well as updates on COVID-19 testing and Important phone numbers should you have symptoms or questions about COVID-19.

I also have a “list” of phone numbers, for EACH Health Department in All 50 States!

You can email me at for the list or check the show notes for an attachment.

Here is an important phone number for the CDC HOTLINE on COVID-19:

800-232-4636 – CDC Hotline

Advent Health 24hr Hotline – 877–847-8747

You can also download the Advent Health App on the Apple Store or Google Play in order to have a “Virtual” visit with an Advent Health Doctor.

Bay Care Virtual Doctor Hotline – 800–229–2273

You can also go to this website for a “virtual” visit with a Bay Care Doctor –

The Florida Department of Health Hotline is 866–779–6121

State Health Department List of Phone Numbers


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