Are Reverse Mortgages A Scam?

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I’m not an expert on Reverse Mortgages……in fact, I don’t know much about them.

I have heard about Reverse Mortgages on commercials, in newspapers and on FaceBook feeds. I never had the need to learn about Reverse Mortgages, so…… I never did……until…… a client asked me about them.

When a client asks me a question about Medicare….. I know the answer. I’m a Medicare Expert….I’m in the business of knowing as much as I can about Medicare.

Because my clients trust me with their Medicare needs and concerns, they ask me all kinds of questions. When I know the answer…. I tell them. When I don’t know the answer….. I get the answer for them!

So….when my client asked me about Reverse Mortgages…. I started reading about them.

When I was introduced to Michael Banner, President of Professional Mortgage Alliance, LLC, I had many, many questions.

Michael Banner was very patient and answered every question I had…truthfully.

An hour and a half later….. I had a much better idea about reverse mortgages, and I invited Michael Banner to come onto The Medicare Nation Podcast to share his knowledge with our Medicare Beneficiaries and Sandwich Generation!

Here are the highlights of my interview with Michael Banner:

* What is a Reverse Mortgage?

*  Do I pay a higher interest rate with a Reverse Mortgage?

*  If I “Will” my home to my children…. what happens to the Reverse Mortgage?

*  What is a Non-Recourse Loan?

* What does it mean if the value of my house is “upside down?”

*  What is No-Debt Service?

*  Is a Reverse Mortgage Safe?

*  If a person leaves the home to live in an assisted living facility, what happens to the Reverse Mortgage?

*  Can a person “out live” a Reverse Mortgage?

* What are the “5 Ways” payments are made with a Reverse Mortgage?


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