Diane Daniels is a Medicare Advisor, who brings ten years of health care experience to her community. Ms. Daniels is the owner of Medicare Nation, which provides superior Medicare education to groups and individuals. Ms. Daniel’s belief in educating over selling has provided Medicare Nation the ability to offer a large portfolio of Medicare products, which allows the individual to choose a Medicare plan that “fits” their lifestyle.

Ms. Daniels is a professional speaker and key person of influence, who has spoken at country clubs, retirement resort communities, professional associations, and networking group events. Ms. Daniels has spoken at the Council of Aging conference in Orlando.

Ms. Daniels appears on many radio and Podcast programs The Senior Voice Radio show (Tampa), The Bev Smith Radio Show (Washington D.C.) and The Financial Survival Network with Kerry Lutz, to name a few. Ms. Daniels collaborates with politicians and national associations to advocate for her clients.

Ms. Daniels passion for Medicare began as a seed when she was ten years old. With her parents divorced, Diane was raised by her grandparents. Her grandparents emphasized integrity, morals and helping other people who are less fortunate. Ms. Daniel’s grandparents literally set the foundation for her adult life.

Educating others about Medicare has allowed Ms. Daniels to pay back her grandparents in a much bigger way then just saying, “Thank you.”

Ms. Daniels is the author of “Medicare Nation”, which is available on Amazon.com, BarnesandNoble.com and AuthorHouse.com websites, in softcover or e-book editions.

When not educating and inspiring confidence in Medicare beneficiaries, Diane enjoys walking along Florida’s beautiful beaches and traveling.


Medicare Nation provides Medicare education to individuals as well as groups in a seminar presentation.

By providing Medicare education, you will be armed with the necessary knowledge to research Medicare plans in your area and find the one plan that fits your lifestyle.

If you prefer not to research Medicare plans on your own time, a Medicare Nation adviser will schedule a private consultation to assist you with all your Medicare needs.

A Medicare Nation adviser will assist you with original Medicare, Supplements to Medicare, Medicare Advantage Plans and Prescription Drug Plans.

Medicare Nation advisers can also assist you with applying for Extra Help with Prescription Drug coverage and applying for the Medicare Savings Program.

You can request assistance from a Medicare Nation adviser by calling (855) 855-7266 or by completing "The Schedule a Consultation" Form on this page.


A Medicare Nation Medicare Adviser educates individuals and groups about Medicare – from Part A through Part D.

Armed with new knowledge, you will build up your self-confidence and be able to research and find the one Medicare plan that fits your lifestyle. Medicare Nation Advisers are available to schedule private, in-home consultations if you prefer a Medicare Nation adviser to assist you in finding the plan that fits your lifestyle.

Medicare Nation advisers are licensed as Health & Life Insurance agents in order to offer Medicare plans in the State you reside in. Medicare Nation advisers take education a step further and are AHIP (American Health Insurance Producers) certified to offer Medicare Advantage plans. Medicare Nation advisers are also contracted and authorized to offer many different Medicare Advantage plans. to assist you with a Medicare Advantage plan in the area where you reside.

Medicare Nation advisers are also members of NAMSA – The National Association of Medicare Supplement Advisers. NAMSA members take additional courses in order to be certified as a NAMSA member. Education is our business and Medicare Nation advisers are highly knowledgeable in Medicare.

A problem many people have with Medicare is that there is an overwhelming amount of information available about Medicare and not enough resources to explain it.

Medicare Nation solves that problem by EDUCATING individuals and groups about Medicare -from in-home presentations to group presentations in a conference center with up to 500 attendees.

Medicare Nation founder, Diane Daniels is the author of the book, "Medicare Nation", which is a resource guide for answering questions about Medicare. Medicare Nation advisers understand and have knowledge of the Medicare plans available to you in the area you reside in. Having a large portfolio of plans to offer is key in assisting you find the one Medicare plan that fits your lifestyle.

Medicare Nation advisers are independent advisers. They are licensed to offer Medicare plans in the State you reside in. A Medicare Nation adviser has no allegiance to any Medicare plan or insurance company. A Medicare Nation adviser’s mission is to find the Medicare plan that fits your lifestyle. Period.


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